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A womans tendency to over react to everything.
Calm down Jill, you're ovary-acting.
by Wehttam.Bassist March 06, 2008
A woman's unecessary,dramatic reaction
Ma,you're OVARYACTING,the computer WON'T blow up if I keep downloading music!
by Colin Palmer August 29, 2007
When anything that owns a pair of ovaries suddenly loses their mind because of a small inconvenience.

Usually pronounced with emphasis on Ovary
"Damn it Tyrone you had one job. Leave the god damn toilet seat up."
"Jesus, stop ovary-acting"

"She's just ovary-acting"
by Shaboops April 17, 2013
1. When a female does something extreme that may or may not be a result of what her ovaries are doing, yet they get blamed for it.
2. Overreacting in a female, esp. as a result of being on her period.
Eric: "Dude, Sarah really broke up with you just because you ate the last of the brownies?“

John: "yeah, but she'll be back within about a week or so. It's her time of the month, so she's just ovary-acting."
by DanTheMa November 27, 2013
freaking out about something that really doesnt matter.and you cant spell ovary acting without ovary!
i left the toilet seat up and she was totally ovary acting!
by mr.scott.0 November 15, 2010
To act upon the impulse of one's ovaries.
"Yeah, my girlfriend saw me hangin' out with my friends Jess and Kris and she totally ovaryacted!"

"Yeah, it's totally that time of the month so she has been ovaryacting a lot!"
by Fishbot22 May 03, 2010
When a girl over reacts because she's on her period.
Calm down honey I think you're ovaryacting.
by richityitchityitchcroch November 03, 2014

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