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an unfavorable predicament; bad situation inwhich there is nowhere to turn to rite the conflict
Drug dealer: "Where's my money?"
Gringo: "I ain't got it? See what had happ..."
Drug dealer 2: "White outta gas."


Dave: "I didn't finish my homework."
Ryan: "Ah outta know Ms. Jackson don't play."
by Ben Anson May 19, 2006
Describing a person who has done something wrong or socially bad. Also, a person who is so drunk they are incoherent.
Bob:" Oh man, that girl just barfed on the bar!"
Tom: " Oh yeah, she's outta gas!"
by irishHarp2 November 23, 2004
A term to describe a female who has slept with a large number of men, i.e. a slut or a skank. Deriving from the term "she's been around the block too many times"
-I'm goin out with Erika tonight
-Watch yo-self that bitch is outta gas
by Nicole November 07, 2004
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