Some huge kind of room which contains all of the other rooms, wraps around itselves so it has no walls, with no ceiling, a friggin' huge light bulb that keeps moving around and that has serious temperature and leaking issues.
"-Can't stay inside outside, too cold in there!"
"-I like trying hard to write absurd and (un)original definitions for such words as outside in the hope that I out-absurd other people out there who like doing the same thing"
"-Outside sucks, never the right temperature, often got water falling down, no proper carpet or anything and on top of that that light bulb is way too powerful and you hardly can get to turn it on when you need it at night"
by A_SN December 09, 2006
the word that surfers yell when huge waves are coming out.
"Well we get on our boards and we paddle out
And we talk surfer clout 'cuz it's got lotsa clout (with the chicks!)
And we watch Pat get a bitchin' ride
And then another dumb surfer yells OUTSIDE!"
--The Ziggens, Outside!
by JohnnyLurg March 08, 2012
To be excluded from the circle of people who are party to a secret, who are members of a conspiracy, or who share a common attribute. It is the opposite of "inside" the conspiracy. Leaving people "outside" often reflects the insiders goal of protecting them from the legal consequences of knowledge of he secret.
In the TV show The West Wing a dozen or so people were privy to the knowledge that President Bartlett had M.S. His wife knew and was "inside". His press secretary, C J Craig, was "outside" and could say in public with complete and legally unassailable honesty (though in fact inaccurately) that the president was healthy. She was "outside."

The drug dealer kept his girlfriend "outside". She thought he made his money as a musician.
by Medford Man May 25, 2009
Slang term for a blunt.
Dude: yo, we blazin up
Friend: ya, I just need to go get me an outside
by asian pinoy July 03, 2009
Where people accitidently step in dog poop
Ewww I just stepped in dog poop outside

by Katiissycotic January 19, 2015

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