An incredibly huge whore, who needs to seek the glory of 11 year olds to feel special.
No example needed, the definition says it all.
by JayWolf January 01, 2004
Top Definition
Group of men who dedicate themselves to exposing punks for the world to see. They make sure they have nowhere to hide. Some famous members of OutRiders include: StAts, Defiant & Blaze. Note; OutRiders are not an Anti-Cheat group, they do not ban anyone, they simply expose punks.
Punk: OutRiders you suck, your all n00bs, get a life!!!!!
StAts: G'day mate
EBS}187: stfu!
Itchy: Yet you are the one wasting your time flaming us... hypocrite!!
by EBS}187 June 17, 2007
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