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Group of men who dedicate themselves to exposing punks for the world to see. They make sure they have nowhere to hide. Some famous members of OutRiders include: StAts, Defiant & Blaze. Note; OutRiders are not an Anti-Cheat group, they do not ban anyone, they simply expose punks.
Punk: OutRiders you suck, your all n00bs, get a life!!!!!
StAts: G'day mate
EBS}187: stfu!
Itchy: Yet you are the one wasting your time flaming us... hypocrite!!
by EBS}187 June 17, 2007
15 5
An incredibly huge whore, who needs to seek the glory of 11 year olds to feel special.
No example needed, the definition says it all.
by JayWolf January 01, 2004
3 20