Operating Under Thug Law As Warriors
O.U.T.L.A.W 4 Life
by AC November 29, 2003
Top Definition
(n.) One who lives ouitside the law, using his or her own morals or religious experience as guidance.

(v.) To declare illegal
Robin hood was an outlaw, as were the early christians in the roman empire

After allowing his chance to become the discoverer of cocaine pass him by, Sigmund Freud was a little pleased at the global decision to outlaw it, meaning he had lost less than he had expected.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 19, 2004
Former in-laws. After a divorce, your spouse's family are no longer your in-laws, they are your out-laws.
"I'm still on good terms with my out-laws." "My mother-out-law is a real sweet woman. She even sent me a Mother's Day card!" "My out-laws are in town so they stopped by my house to visit their grandchildren."
by JacDod May 18, 2011
opperating under thug laws as a warrior
oulaw reppn
by shyne October 10, 2003
1) An outcast/loner kid who never had any decent friends growin up, yet understands more about life than anyone else.

2) Takes pleasures in the simple joys of everyday life.

3) Has an intimidating personality, but is a overall a good person.

4) Someone who takes the law in his own hands.
1- "Outlaws: Mount up"

2- "Look at that outlaw o'er there smokin reefer by himself"

3- "When I first got to know the outlaw, he was very irrratatin. But once I got to know em, he is pretty decent."

4- "When the government fails to protect society, count on the outlaws. They know what to do."
by Liahos April 22, 2008
outlaw means:

no examlple it's a defenition of outlaw
by guy doré July 19, 2006

Outlaws is a turm to describe a way of life a gang subculture lived by 1% bikers
the is a mc club called the oulaws,but many mc clubs are concidered outlaws
by NLR718 July 15, 2006
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