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Any individual who does not belong in a social setting; an intruder; an interloper. Popularized by Malachai from "Children of the Corn".
Friend 1: "Hey, who is that dude?"

Friend 2: "Must be an outlander, man, I've never seen him."
by J3553 November 05, 2007
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In the video game, Morrowind, an outlander is a person from outside of Morrowind. These outsiders are treated with prejudice. In Morrowind, you play an outlander.
A quote from urban dictionary's definition of the word "guar" (a creature in Morrowind) "Outlander sadle up the guar!"
by Anthony Ramirez November 22, 2007
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1 a sexy beast who cannot be stopped once he is on a rampage.
2 the top and uppermost level of gaming possible.
that dude is an outlander no-one can stop him
by Kian Richardson April 19, 2006
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