1. Talented rappers from Atlanta, Georgia. One of the first sucessful rappers from the South.
2. Rap music for people who don't like rap music. Other examples include MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, and Will Smith.
1. Outkast fucking rocks!
2. I despise rap music, however, I do love Outkast.
by Steven July 23, 2004
the latest and greatest of the dynamic rhyming duo, although it contains 2 solo cd's from each Boi and Andre.
ITs tHe SHizNit
by Sean September 29, 2003
superb band who released in 2003 the best double album ever made by a rap collective-bar none
shake it shake shake it shake it shake shake it shake it shake shake it shake it shake it shake shake it shake it like a polaroid pictchaaaa
by nicoooo dijon buckthorn January 23, 2004
The hottest rap group out of the ATL. Unique flow and unmatched lyrics. Unfortunately, breaking up due to creative differences.
Andre 3000 and Big Boi got the dirty on lock.
by Chill Will September 05, 2003
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