All i can say is... TIIIGHT
by Anonymous September 23, 2003
My favorite band and the wierdest(in a good way of course!),funniest,talented,most creative rap group of all time.
Allison-I have a poster of Outkast hanging on my wall.
Kim-Fa sho!Outkast rocks!
by Allison August 29, 2004
1.A duo that strays from the same old boring rap to bring us fresh and unique music.

2.A person that is lonely or without friends/company.
1.Have you heard the new Outkast CD yet?

2.Joe is an outkast.
by Penguin X June 07, 2004
quite possibly one of the best rap groups of all time andre 3000 and big boi
Im sorry Ms. Jackson (wooo)
I am fo real neva meant to make yo daugta cry i apologise a trillion times
by Cant find a name June 22, 2005
The greatest thing that has ever happened in music since Nirvana.
OutKast is the best thing that has ever happened to music since Nirvana.
by The_masked_magician00 September 18, 2004
Southernplayalisticaddillacmuzik - Fucking great album, one of the best
ATLiens - Really good album
Aquemini - Pretty good Album
Stankonia - Weak in Comparison
SB/LB - Going in a different diection
They know not to test us, test me, do me, try me
Trippin with that drama, my Beretta's right beside me
One is in mid-air and one is the chamber
Y'all ask me what the fuck I'm doin, I'm releasin anger
Quick to dodge danger, I'm takin it one day
At a time, I got the fattest dimes around my way
You can sway with Andre, I'll take her to the ho-jo, bitch
Just let you know, yeah
by kiwicito September 28, 2004
Two dope boys in a Cadillac--or whatever wheels they be rollin' in these days.
See song of same name on OutKast's second album ATLiens.
by UNDFTD August 27, 2008

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