to be out or to be leavin
"yo u stayin"
"nah im outie"
by Brian October 18, 2003
Top Definition
bellybutton that pokes out like a knob... (yuckie!)
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
A pussy with protruding inner libs, an opposite of "innie" pussy.
Dude, my girlfriend Jane, shes got a lovely meaty outie.
by enska June 18, 2006
1) Abbreviated form of "I am out of here". Used as adjective describing the condition in which you are in.

2) Term used to describe someones navel that folds outwards. The opposite of an "inny"
1) When Jane was leaving the party, she announced to everyone that she was "Outie"!

2) Jane's navel is an outie
by Really Big Bear January 04, 2006
A permanent boners that were misplaced.
Guy 1: Hey bro put your boner away!
Guy 2: Nah man, it's just my outie!
Guy 1: Oh, I thought you had a boner
Guy 2: No, it's just my naval
by tits McGhee December 28, 2013
A man of power or pimp to a society, usually on a daily basis; to be prestigious and well known among people; the inverse of Hanked
Dude the guy at Mcdonalds was goin all Outie on me
by Xdnvr_duh_c00lX April 01, 2009
S.African slang used by Urban africans and those of Indian descent in Kwa-zulu Natal to descibe a young man who is a bit of a wiseguy.
that outie knows his way around
by seaumus February 16, 2005
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