people that dont like to talk, they think of how they are gonna kill you. they dont need friends, why would they want a friend if they are going to kill them someday.
outcasts behead their teacher and his students with a dull knives.
by Executioner 0wNt? July 07, 2005
a person who ridicules everyone around them often dressing in black clothing and repeating the phrase under their breath "god damn mother fuckers"
person 1: Yo, that dude over there is an outcast
Person 2: i know he never talk to nobody
outcast is reading a book under a tree in the middle of the park and dressed in black

outcast: god damn mother fuckers
by Daya December 04, 2003
Someone who struggles through life everyday while being called stupid and or ugly. Someone that is misunderstood.
I am an Outcast and nobody likes me.
by True Mr. X May 19, 2016
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