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1.- someone who doesn't belong in his main social area (work, school, the street) Has only a few friends, but usually doesn't really hang out with them. Someone who is told by his betters that he has wisdom beyond his years, but his peers make fun of him for it. He's a little insane, after all, humans are social creatures. But his heart is mature, calm and kind. He never really does anything big for himself, and most of the things he does are for other people. He's just misunderstood, and people hate him for no reason. He's usually the victim of every negative stereotype and rumor. But hey, he doesn't have a social life, it doesn't matter to him, he hardly has anything to lose.

2.- Me
I'm an outcast, whether you like it or not, and there's nothing i can do for you socially, so why do you keep supporting me?
by da outkast February 12, 2005
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Someone who doesn't fit in at all. A lot of people think outcasts are phsycho, and that they are freaks. BUT THEY ARE NOT! Most outcasts are truely unique people. They usually are not your average Joe. They are much more. They have "IT", and most people don't have "IT". So when people experience someone with "IT", they are not used to the feeling the outcast gives them. So they are really mean to someone who has God's gift. Most people are trashing an outcasts unique gift, and this is why our society is falling apart.

Outcasts are usually the nicest people EVER. And it is a shame how some people treat them. They don't have a lot of friends (or none at all), because most of the time people see different and unique as really weird. So they think that the outcast is weird even though they are special. Outcasts usually don't ever go on dates, because they are too nervous to talk to who they like. And then that person they like thinks that the outcast has no interest in them. But really that person almost means the world to the outcast, and it's too bad that these unique people don't go on dates more often. Also, outcasts usually get really nervous in front of others, and they don't talk a lot because of that. And as sad result, people think that there is something wrong with the outcast, so they stay away from the outcast. And usually outcasts don't start up conversations because they are in their own world. Which is something wonderful about them. AND ONE DAY THEY WILL BE REALLY SUCCESSFUL. Outcasts are usually the most wonderful people out there, and it's sad to think that nobody appreciates their beauty.

SUMMARY: An outcast is a person who doesn't fit in because they are more unique and gifted than others, and the others don't appreciate that, even though the outcast is the nicest person you can ever imagine.

So when you see an outcast, do me a favor and go holla at da young playa fo me.

Dat outcast is such a nice and special person, WHY DOESN'T ANYONE APPRECIATE DAT?

When most people see someone special, they get jealous and trash the beauty of god's gift in the outcast.

Adult who was once popular's thoughts:

"Dat outcast, I remember him, poor guy didn't even have one friend, and now he is a hip-hop legend."
by DaOutcastOfRenton August 10, 2007
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Someone who is years ahead of his time. A young version of the wise old owl, he is often misunderstood as being self-centered, snobbish, or sketchy, whatever the hell that means. Unfortunately for him, he's often neither, just extremely shy. Because of his shyness, he becomes more and more withdrawn from society which makes him even more reluctant to talk to others (after all, what could they be saying about him behind his back?) He needs a friend and probably would make a very loyal friend, but his social isolation leaves him doubtful of who to trust. Basically, he's one of the few people who genuinely deserves sympathy.
Alright, I'll admit, I'm an outcast. But I sure am proud of it.
by cruisingonthrough December 15, 2005
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Someone who doesn't label themself to any specific identity. They are often overlooked by the rest of the world and usually don't 'fit in' with the rest of the scene. They are also commonly used by what friends they think they have, as the outcast being a nice person and all.

Outcasts have a harder time fitting in or finding friends as their interests are probably not what's mainstream and popular. Afterall, if everyone was all interested in the same thing (which most are) the world would be a boring place. A good example would be someone who is a roller coaster enthusiast in school, where no one else gives 2 hoots about that subject matter.

It is common that an outcast only hangs out by their friends if the friends have nothing else to do...and use the outcast as a last resort.
Outcast's friends: Hey, let's call up Bob as none of the rest of our friends could go to the movies.
by angrygumball August 29, 2008
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One who does not see the need to socialize with people who are not of the same kind. A person who chooses to lead thier own lives, without the tiresome tag alongs that influence bad ideas upon others.
" I wish not to hang out with most people, because they are not like me in anyway, and I wish not to change the way I am just to fit into their odd worlds, therefore I am an outcast in most eyes."
by Leticia_XoX October 19, 2005
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Someone who doesn't belong or fit in a crowd, and hangs by his or herself.
John who is an outcast dropped out of school because he's being picked by the other who he doesn't fit in with.
by TY January 11, 2004
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An individual who is not widely embraced by their peers for various reasons. This lack of acceptance is not always due to outright rejection, but often times from being in unfamiliar surroundings (in which case it usually passes), having a mutual lack of interest, common ground, or initiative.

Social skills definitely have something to do with it, but these are hard to quantify since there are a variety of ways that people relate to others, many of them with considerable success. It really is a matter of whether or not you have found your Feng Shui (figure of speech) in relating to others and have that developed that special "It". "It" is not a given thing (people in circumstancial isolation, such as prison or homlessness, lose their social skills foremost), but comes from

1. Confidence in self-exposure,
2. Practice and Interaction,
3. Analyzing Mistakes

The idea that social skills are naturally endowed stems from a certain type of personality (extrovert) that gravitates toward those three, but anybody who isn't One Hundred Percent happy with being completely alone can become comfortable with these habits.

Don't get rid of that vivd imagination and dynamic mind just because it's an internal trait, but share it with other people in an engaging (meaningful to them) way, and good results can be expected. If not, the problem might be in your environment or with the individuals that surround you. You don't have to be slave to the social structure, but that's no reason to be a slave to lonliness.

Followers of Christ: This issue brings up a responsibility on our part. The stone that the builders rejected becomes the cornerstone, and those who aren't sick have no need of a physician. Just like any other social group, we are also sinners and we tend to exclude others. The only difference with us is that we just happen to be on celestial parole, which is a given privelige, not a hard-earned quality. Remember that we are intended to be recognized for our indescriminate love, not for being so much holier than thou, so be a neighbor to whoever needs it, especially those who are considered lowly in whatever way.

Also realize that "Go forth and make discliples of all nations..." is not a comission to ram your faith down someone's pee-hole and give a Holy "Screw You" to those who don't accept, but an urging to offer a simple invitation: "Will you be a part of this good thing I've found?" Good luck, but remember: Far beyond how many converts you attract is how fervently you have loved your neighbor.

"...if I have not loved, then I am nothing." ~Paul The Apostle
Ridiculing an outcast is like stealing from the desitute.
by singacoe3 September 12, 2005
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