A large retaurant chain claiming to be "australian". The wait to get a table is long, because of all the fat old people, the steak is served raw and still partially frozen, and the servers r slow and have down syndrome. A great place to go to spend 100 dollars for shit and food poisoning.
"Hey george let's go to outback steakhouse!"

"Yum sally! I'm totally in the mood to wait in line for an hour and get exposed to mad cow disease"

"Yeah george! And I'm ready to eat overpriced frozen meat that has nothing to do with the australian outback!"
by chachaddict April 19, 2009
an overpriced restaurant where the managers require the servers to wait several minutes to ring in your entre' order so you have "time" in between course, thus leading to ridiculously long wait times, before and after you're seated. Not only that, but the servers don't wash their hands.
Friend: Why did you quit Outback Steakhouse?
Me: because that restaurant and their practices are disgusting and I find it's morally wrong to continue to serve people food from that establishment.
by an ex-employee February 07, 2010

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