A team that really knows how to choke like a $2 whore when it counts. This season, getting rocked by the sabres.
did you see krusty get totally pwnt like the noobie ottawa senators on that final play?
by senssuckmmkay May 15, 2006
Joined the league in the 91/92 season, this team continuously preforms poorly in the playoffs, much of the time at the hands of the far superior Toronto Maple Leafs. The line of Alfredsson the Clown, Spezza the Goofball, and of course, the Murderer, even though, they too, preform poorly on a regular basis. Ottawa Goaltending requires it's own definition, to refer to "Ottawa Goaltending", please See, Terrible. For further references regarding this team, please see Patrick Lalime, Ottawa Stanley Cups, #1 Overall Draft Picks, and Alexandre Diagle.
"Ottawa Senators and Stanley Cups is to Don Cherry and Europeans"
- Unknown

Doug: That sure was a good game tonight, eh?
Wendel: One of the best indeed, although it was no contest. Do you agree Mats?
Mats: It was easier than getting a parking space at Scotia Bank Place.
Darcy: What did you expect from the Ottawa Senators?
by OCTranspo November 25, 2006
Gayest hockey team ever, with the gayest hockey players ever, especially their goalie. Doesn't stand a chance against the leafs.
Once again the leafs beat the Ottawa senators in game seven. Oh well!
by aj_link April 19, 2004
The crappiest NHL team ever. Well.. except for all the southern teams. F them.
The Maple Leafs will always KILL YOU Ottawa!!

Tampa Bay sucks. Fuck the Lightning.
by Cooze #2 September 12, 2004
See also homosexual, the worst team in NHL history, with the worst regular season record. Will never win the Cup, especially with Patrick Lalime, a goalie who couldn't stop a puck if he did.
And once again the Ottawa Senators have fallen at the hands of the Maple Leafs!
by Jeff March 27, 2004
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