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An anime nerd.
dj_gs68 is a very light version of an otaku. He watches anime, looks at hentai, yet is able to have friends.
by dj_gs68 November 02, 2003
17 23
another breed of WAPANESE
by YOU = TEH WAPANESE October 29, 2003
17 23
a person who will starv for manga. he will live a nother day just to see his beloved anime, he will even give up girls and life in general so he can read the latest manga.otaku is like some one who has an obsession with anime and maybe like hentai and stuff.i dont really wanna say too much bad stuff about otaku....because i am one.........
"sally is a goddamn otaku!''
by Anonymous June 16, 2003
14 20
teh deliciously amazing and kick ass wife of nero
wha? otaku and nero are married? theys gonna have some awesome children
by Brandon Whitman June 18, 2008
3 10
A person who is maniacal about anime, manga, hentai, and various other related paraphernalia such as toys, figures, etc. Include but not limited to Kapil and Suban.
"No one knows why otakus exist, since it is clear they do not mate."
by Golimar December 28, 2007
5 12
Otaku is the Nihonjin (Japanese) word for Home. So an Otaku is Someone who prefers to stay at home, feeding their face w/ Poki and chatting, as opposed to going out and getting laid. Charicterized by their chubby (Fat ass) Appearence and untidy greasy hair, and bad hygene. Someone who'd rather get the dvd collection of Case closed, than buy new clothes. (You if you bothered to look this up)
"I'm an Otaku! Kawaiiiiiii!"

"Dude, you're such an otaku..."
by Hentaihentaiboy October 31, 2006
5 12
Japanese: Someone who is an excessive fanatic on any subject or person, becoming experts on everything about. Otaku comes from the word to mean home, someone who's so obessesed that they never leave home.

English: An anime fan who has apparently never been to Japan. They have no idea what the word means but use it because of it's popularity in a retarded attempt to try to become Japanese. They feel anime is the only thing that makes Japan unique or special, and feel that anime as given them the "Japanese Aura of Enlightenment." They role-play as anime characters and dress up like anime characters because they are in such despair of their lives that they have to pass themselves off as anime characters. People with no self-esteem.
Japanese: That lolita otaku murdered a bunch of school girls, and apparently was stalking them well before he did it.

English: Hey Joe, there's that fucktard cartoon nerd, what did he call himself again? Oh yeah, an otaku. Let's kick his ass.
by harajuku September 25, 2005
26 33