Means "Nerd" in Japanese.
People who don't know it call themselves otakus because they love anime and they're addicted to it.
Like weeaboos,for an example,they love anime too much.

This isn't anything good if you're trying to use it when you know its meaning.

What it means is an Japanese Nerd.
He has been calling himself an "otaku" for a half year now. He still didn't realize at all it means a Nerd,in the Japanese genres.
by Lyu / Nyu July 29, 2015
A Japanese term that refers to the Japanese equivalent of a nerd or a geek but with an extremely negative connotation. Usually, otakus stay at home, don't go to school nor work, and don't try to do anything to better themselves or their societies and spend all of their time surfing the internet, play video games, or watch anime. The more extreme ones also sleep with pillow cases with anime characters on them and have entire rooms that are filled with nothing but anime goods which includes rooms full of anime figurines, which are sometimes found naked. Pretty much they are embarrassments towards Japanese society and the Japanese, themselves, believe this.

In America, however, anime fans mistakenly refer to themselves as otakus and has taken on a more positive connotation. But, otakus, in this sense, are hardcore anime fans. But it is still agreed upon that otakus in America are just as annoying as their Japanese counterparts since the ones in America believe that they know everything about anime, manga and sometimes fiction in general and they claim that they are never wrong in regards to their knowledge regarding anime and manga. Just like their Japanese counterparts, they love collecting figurines and have rooms full of nothing but things that are related to anime. The more extreme ones of these, however, are sometimes called weeaboos and actually wish that they were Japanese and worship the Japanese as if they were gods.
Otakus are infuriatingly annoying in both Japan and in America and it's generally not advised for someone to call himself an otaku, especially in front of a Japanese person since they look upon them with extreme disdain.
by Pfarrer October 01, 2014
A Japanese slang word for someone who devotes so much of their time to a particular activity that it is detrimental to their social status; a nerd.
"What an otaku; sitting at home always playing Starcraft."
by The Legend Never Dies August 08, 2013
Otaku is a term used for anime fans. However lately it is a word used only for "eleet" followers of the genre. Most of us have liked " Japanese anime" in one way or another but it is the Otaku that knows what happens in each and every episode of every anime series ever to have existed. The problem is Otakus have broken off into their own snobbish inner circles. They get angry when someone gets a small fact wrong about a certain show and they insist on adressing each other with words such as "chan". They also get very angry and impassioned in meaningless debates such as who would win in a fight between Darth Vader and Sephiroth. Naturally they will always vote for the most girly metrosexaul inspired male character with a huge sword in any discussion pitting famous characters against each other. In the end Otakus are not unbarable because they dress in cosplay or draw fan art. They are unbarable because they are over obcessed, shun originality, and spaz over trivial bull crap. It could be argued the new gen otaku are far more extreme then their first generation counterparts. Older appreciators of anime on average are more laid back despite their eccentric habits.
I enjoy anime casually but it is the otaku that sleeps with a life sized sailor moon doll and quotes Naruto word for word!
by BrokenHierophant February 27, 2008
Someone who is obbsessed, and has no life outside of their obbsession. It's an insult in Japan. Mostly said like "anime otaku". Someone who is obbsessed with Japanese animation.
Not all otaku are bad.
by C-chan November 06, 2003
One who obsesses about something or someone to an unhealthy extent, sacraficing most, if not all, of their social life.

Often used (incorrectly) by American anime fans as a trendy term to describe themselves.
Correct usage: anata wa otaku desu. (You are a nerd.)

Incorrect usage: I like anime, so I'm an otaku. (This is, however, correct if the person saying it has no life outside of anime.)
by Nosferatu June 20, 2003
1. A person who is a big fan of anime.

2. An anime fanboy or fangirl.
Person 1: "Are you an otaku?"
Person 2: "Yes."
by TheAnimeLover1 October 17, 2014

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