These are people in american culture who watch anime all the time. They buy ever peice of anime style cloathing that they can get their freaky hands on. They stay at home, surfing the net, only socialising with people over message boards, and very rarely at cons, or conventions. They have no 'life' or a love life. They enjoy staying up late to watch that gundam episode for the 45th time.
People who go to the anime club at my school, they scare me.
by The Dutch Dictionary December 05, 2003
Someone who will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever get laid and are a social fucktard. Honestly, if you have to beat of to an anime girl you should honestly just die because your life will always suc. And for God's sake move out of your mom's basement!!!!
If you do Cosplay, you are definately an Otaku. You suck at life.
by tnic May 30, 2005
Otaku is usualy known as a "Nerd" But really is a type of hentai/yaoi. Otaku means "Love of little boys" And not a nerd.
Ew! Were you looking at Otaku again?

I was looking at Otaku yesterday
by Jacob1 May 27, 2005
A total anime addict, who is also a luser that thinks they are a sysadmin or computer tech simply because they know how to use IRC or usenet to leech their 500 gigs of garbage anime every week while infesting said computer (usually their dad's) with various worms and trojans in the process.

An otaku REFUSES to have a job unless it involves some connection to anime. An otaku generally has no social life outside of anime as they will break up with any decent girl/boyfriend who is intolerant of their anime addiction. Also, most male otakus have a secret fetish of being female or are gay/bisexual.

Otakus can generally be identified by their suitcase-sized CD/DVD case, filled with 1000+ episodes of d- grade amine series. Naturally, the 1000+ blank disks they're burned on were stolen from dad or a friend, becuase the otaku won't even try to get a job.

Many otakus are now or have been homeless for a year or more, getting kicked out of everywhere every 2 weeks after they are caught stealing CD-R's to burn anime on.

Most are total losers who will never amount to anything more than a homeless statistic, welfare slob or "that kid down the block" who lives above his parent's garage.
"There's no way I will work at Taco Bell. I'm an otaku!"

Tom: "I'm such an otaku! I've got 2458 anime CD's now!"

Bill:"Otaku indeed! You're just a 11 year old moronic kid in a grown man's body!"
by ultrakill plus January 21, 2005
One who obsessivley desires to be a member of a certain ethnicity that he or she is quite obviously is not. The word specifically aplies to a person with an unhealthy obsession with the Japanese culture and uses various pieces of it's vernacular in his or her conversations. See also: wigger
The otaku who I conversed with watches nothing but Anime, and is quite frankly, a very creepy individual
by Calico_Jack September 21, 2003
Sometimes used in reference to a fan of anime (Japaense cartoons, examples are the popular television show Dragon Ball Z or Pokemon. *proceeds to stab eyes out with spork*), although actully meaning geek or nerd in Japanese. Think about that, its not very hard to figure out the transition.
by anonymous February 10, 2003
1. My girlfriend's dyslexic (allegedly) ex boyfriend.
2. Some Japanese word
3. A word I learned a few nights ago
Annoying Nerd: i am otaku
your more of one of these popular kids
Awesome girl: oh for fucks sake you are not, stop pretending to be japanese
Annoying nerd: otaku is jsut a word for a obsessive nerd... we are gamers, comics cartoons etc its a general word
Awesome girl: I dont fucking care
Annoying nerd: in schools there is the chart of ranks baiscly, each person in each year is in a class on that chart, popular kids like the preps and all footballers etc etc are neard the top and it works down to us geeks and nerds. i am in the geeks and nerds section we are baisicly seen as cast outs, we watch cartoons, play massive abounts of games and generally are nerds all around.
Awesome girl: I am aware of sub-culture...I dont need someone like you explaining the obvious to may not be aware of this but I am not a spacker.
Annoying nerd: (insert whining nerd gibberish

You get the idea...
by Tom.111088 February 24, 2007

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