William Gibson, one of the originators of the 'cyberpunk' science fiction genre, used the term "otaku" in his 1996 novel "Idoru". The meaning given, from a Japanese-translation computer function used by a character, was 'pathological techno-fetishist with social deficit'. The character so described spent much of his time online in a multi-user domain and subsisted on Ramen-type noodles and canned coffee. Although by Japan's rigorous social standards a "loser", the character was well-mannered and good-hearted.
"The otaku guys at my last school were into, like, plastic anime babes, military simulations, and trivia. Bigtime into trivia." -"Idoru", William Gibson
by Heather Cruikshank October 10, 2005
sometimes used to mean hardcore anime fan. Originally comes from the Japanese word otaku meaning house. If your a otaku it means you have no social life, love life, ect

leave a thumb up if your a fellow otaku
"dude i met another otaku today."

by Mystogan-shadowbane November 10, 2014
A negative Japanese word meaning 'nerd,' which anime-lovers have embraced and turned into a positive word defining a person who likes anime.

However, anime-lovers sometimes tend to cross the line, falling deeply into otaku characteristics themselves.
1. That kid's such an otaku; all he ever talks about is Dragon Ball Z and video games.
2. Dude, have you seen Naruto? Oh I love anime! I'm a total anime otaku! Kawaii!
by Chii April 30, 2004
A Japanese slang term synonymous with "geek" that is used to describe people who have a hobby such as video gaming, anime, model kits, D&D and many others. Outside of Japan it is used almost exclusively for hobbies related to Japan, especially anime.

It is also important to note that many people make false assumptions and stereotypes against otaku. The most common fallacies are that they have no social lives and never get laid. While these are true in some cases, they are mere stereotypes and many otaku get laid on a regular basis. Such statements can be compared with saying that ALL black people are drug dealers. (It is also important to note that many otaku choose not to use the word in describing themselves due to the negative fallacies)

Another common misconception that has led to much asshatteryis that "otaku" has a set connotation, either positive or negative. This is untrue seeing as there are both practicing otaku who can be considered exempplary citizens as well as those who will never get laid. The words connotation is purely neutral. It describes people with certain hobbies and does not pertain to positive or negative behaviour.

Why these negative fallacies are often cast upon otaku and geeks, I do not know. There are people who can name useless facts about sports and music that rival the anime trivia of any otaku who are considered healthy. Furthermore, many otaku spend less time watching anime than most Americans spend watching TV. The idea that their social lives suffer from spending too much time on anime is a pure fallacy. All people have hobbies and interests that occupy their spare time, such as sports, telivision and music. Otaku are the same except their main hobby is anime. Most still have ample time left over for a healthy social life.
james is an anime afficiando and therefore an otaku.
by Thriller March 23, 2006
A word that simply refers to people with an obsession for anime, video games or anything kinda like those things. Has developed a taboo because often times otakus are seen as the scum of japanese manga society. This taboo has been reinforced by otakus committing mass murders, rape and other crimes. In america to some people it is known as simply a fan, which for the most part it is, but also as an unhealthy obsesser. In japan their really isn't quite as much taboo since a huge portion of society reads manga, probably about 80 or 90% of males between age of 5 and 40 read manga on regularly. Even their Prime Minister, taro aso, who is an avid manga reader, refers to himself as an otaku, so really it isn't meant to hav any negative meaning.
Oh yeah hes an otaku
oh.... better make sure he doesn't get a gun
naw dont worry hes not one of those hes just a big fan
ohh... ok... but really make sure he doesn't get a gun
by Kevin's dictionary May 05, 2009
Someone with an unhealthy obsession for something. i.e. anime, cars, soap operas...

not necessarily anime but usually associated with it
by Ravyius November 08, 2003
1. Japanese for "nerd."
2. A big anime fan. Unfortunately, the name has been disgraced thanks to the large majority of otakus being 240 lb, 30-year-old white men who don't have a life.
by dj gs68 July 08, 2003
From the literal translation of the word toku, meaning "house. In Japan, Otaku means somebody with an obsession. From anime, manga, vedeo games, computers, to things from train sets, stamps, spoons, ect.

In the 8o's, Otaku was used for a Japanese case where an obsessed fan murdered a voice actress for not sounding th way he invisioned his favorite character.

Otakus in Japan tend to be under-weight with poor hygen and little to no life outside of their obsession, i.e. only leaving outside of their home for their care or additions to their collection of what they are obsessing over. Thus, having their society look down upon them.

In the U.S., fans of anime and manga tend to mix up Otaku for "guru", or master. A large amount of the fans of products of Japanese entertainment tend to view Otaku as a good thing. Otaku, in the West, normally means "fan of anime/manga/video-games".

The "otakus" of the US. tend to be over-weight, have poor hygen, and have little to no life outside of their own obsession.

People in the U.S. tend to make jokes about "otakus" and their Western version of "Comic-Book Junkie" to live in their parent's basement while obsessing with their collectables.
I am such an otaku because I love manga's and Kishimoto-chan!

Yuu only leaves his house in order to get a new train set... He must be an otaku.

The Otaku had murdered the voice actress because he did not like her portrayl of his favorite character.
by Gaara_Baby_Eater June 01, 2009

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