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Oklahoma State University
OSU is a tight univeristy!
by Dizeb November 01, 2003
113 183
Ohio State University

The home of the 2002 Ohio State National Champions.
by James Carpenter March 19, 2003
496 404
(usually pronounced: oos )

A term used in karate or mixed martial arts schools meaning yes, hello, goodbye, and I understand. A general affirmative.
Teacher: Is everybody ready?
Students: Osu!
Teacher: Begin!
by Guildenstern14 November 12, 2009
118 52
A Japanese Word meant to show respect. It's used for evens like Karate before the fight.

"OSU" pronounced like "os".
Osu - Let the fight begin
by James Laserbeem August 26, 2005
122 113
1) Oklahoma State University, located in Stillwater, Oklahoma with branches in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Okmulgee. Its official colors are orange and black, as opposed to colors picked by OU matching the blood on their white away-game uniforms. OU fans would resent this.
2) School that jealous OU people and OU fans hate for its superior academics and 43 national championships.
I went to OU instead of OSU because it was cheaper, there is no other logical reason.

I wish I had went to OSU because the dorms at OU are shit.
by Ross Moffett November 17, 2003
157 220
On stage urination. When someone who is on stage performing decides to urinate right there.
I didn't know Fergie liked OSU
by Amy Ger December 01, 2007
24 90