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a frustrative term from Quebec...can be used as a separatism akward term to some...but still it's not political for others.
Stricly a french Quebecers term...use it when you bangg you fingers accidently whit your hammer not when you're doing a speech...it wont add any kind of flavors anyhow.
too much...use it when you just got rob or hit by a car..."ostie de nation what a maonfok !!"
by knok May 18, 2006
One good term to use when pissed...And one good term to use when pissed in the region of Quebec or Montreal as a french maonfok...can be refered as the separatism movement but it's still a personal choice of using it politically.

Ostie de nation j'me suis peté le pouce en clouant avec mon marteau...Pu de beers ostie de nation.
by alex tonton May 18, 2006