a frustrative term from Quebec...can be used as a separatism akward term to some...but still it's not political for others.
Stricly a french Quebecers term...use it when you bangg you fingers accidently whit your hammer not when you're doing a speech...it wont add any kind of flavors anyhow.
too much...use it when you just got rob or hit by a car..."ostie de nation what a maonfok !!"
by knok May 18, 2006
Top Definition
One good term to use when pissed...And one good term to use when pissed in the region of Quebec or Montreal as a french maonfok...can be refered as the separatism movement but it's still a personal choice of using it politically.

Ostie de nation j'me suis peté le pouce en clouant avec mon marteau...Pu de beers ostie de nation.
by alex tonton May 18, 2006
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