Bold, extravagant, flashy- adjective
The clothing of 16th and 17th century Europe was very ostentatious- bell-shaped farthingales, layers of thick, elaborate fabric, and long, poofy sleeves.
by parisologyperson May 25, 2008
Top Definition
intended to attract notice and impress others.
Ashley is so ostentatious, how she dances around the school all the time.
by bert mccracken August 26, 2004
Showy in an attempt to impress, pretentious bragging
"He used that word incorrectly. What an ostentatious douche-bag."
by The Snapple Lady May 23, 2005
1.flashiness, exhibitionist, boastful showiness

2. When you are lookin as "randy" (aka hot) as Austin Powers
"Girl you lookin ostentatious tonight!"
by Shirly Temple November 15, 2007
Means stuff which tends to impress people.

Also it's the username of some lifeless loser on calls imself Sid or something lol
1.He keeps ostentatious stuff in his closet.

2.Olook its that marapets weirdo!
by Bangbangooo January 15, 2011
The most amazing word used in Twilight; The Cullen cars
They took Rosalie's car. Ostentatious, isn't it?
by EpicFail1918 December 25, 2008
Loose and raggedy, in correlation to the rolling of a joint or blunt.
Yo son this spliff is mad ostentatious, it be fallen all apart in my hand an shit!
by Conartist April 25, 2005
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