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1. Posterior, buttocks, ass

(An intentional or unintentional mispronunciation of "ass." Derived from a slackish or lazy way of saying "ass," in which the "a" sound is more difficult than the easier-to-articulate long "o" sound.
Often misunderstood as a German pronunciation of "ass," due to the long "o" rather than "a" sound.
Often confused with the acronym OSS, Official of Strategic Services.
Believed to have been orginated in northeastern Nebraska by a number of smalltown youths indulgin in alcohol.)
You best watch you'self or I'm gonna kick your oss.
by P'tainz June 28, 2011
Or some shit
So then he was telling me that I'M a slut oss!
by effyoubiatchesssss December 05, 2010
on some shit
"oss, I think his mom died last year."

"I don't think she's into you, oss."
by hannah_is_the_shit March 13, 2015
awesome (Abbrev.) Excellent, or at least satisfactory.
A: "I just moved into my new apartment, and I get the first month's rent free."
B: "Oss."
by Addison September 11, 2004
Oh Shit Scenario. When someone runs into an unfavourable scenario that is difficult or complicated to resolve.
Speaker 1: Uggh! I lost all the files for my presentation in two minutes, I don't know what to do!
Speaker 2: Sounds like you've run into an OSS.

Speaker 1: After failing to pay his debts for the last three years, the bank has him in a bit of an OSS.
by Rogue Bandit March 31, 2011
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