when someone is way too lazy to make something to eat even if he is dying of hunger.
person 1: Kathiaa!!...IM HUNGRYY make me something!!
person 2: Don't be an oscar an make yourself a sandwich!!!
by minielle December 26, 2009
the act of giving a blow job to a hindu man.
I almost died trying to give an OSCAR while talking to my hindu friends uncle.
by killer BDT June 27, 2011
An award given for movies with convoluted plots involving 4 hours of CGI effects in slow motion.
Let's read the Cliff's notes to a book and then hurriedly film a trio of movies only slightly resembling the much superior original product!
by Flaming Denethor Bomb March 20, 2004
-(v):the act of constantly and compulsively lying to a spouse,friend,or family member.Unnecessary dishonesty and deceit in an act to hide flaws or impress others. to put up a front.

-the drug oxycontin

-an ugly fish
1-man i cant believe i got oscar'd! he told me he would give me the world and all i got was a bunch of lies.

2-man lets get perked out on some oscar

3-DAMN! that oscar fish is FUGLY! time to return that shit to petsmart!
by pxblackthorn August 30, 2010
An award offered for doing a porn scene with Billy Bob Thornton.
by Anonymous October 05, 2003
A reference to an ounce of weed. A shortened version of Oscar Zulu
me: Ya, is Oscar home?

them: Yeah he just arrived...

me: I'll be right over.

by sumbuddy2007 September 24, 2007
A award ceromony where all these rich famous people come to get awards in their outragasley expensave dresses, tux's, and jewlery............OMFG im sooooooooooo jelous
orlando bloom accepted his award at the oscars while wearing an armani suit
by Boo boo March 07, 2005

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