A term used to describe a squirrel fucker
Look at that Oscar, he loves to feed grapes to the red squirrel
by OREN THE BISEXUAL October 14, 2010
A person or persons, who love to kiss and flex their arms like crazy , because they think it makes them look buff. And when they get made fun of/owned, they have a habit of only being able to say , "Oh yeah". On occasion seen at banks with another male (usually a lover) and one of which is wearing very short green shorts. Stay far away.
Dude 1: Dude you're a piece of shit!
Dude 2: OH Yeah!?
Dude 1: What!? Is that the best you got? My god you're such an Oscar.
Dude 2: OH Yeah!?
by tbav November 28, 2009
Perhaps a man known for eating numerous hot dogs, he is childish and hangs out with people who are either cool or douches. Oscar himself is a rather chill and cool guy who people dont mind being around.
Hey Oscar is pretty cool. Yea but his friends are fags.
by DaddyTom11 May 22, 2011
-(v):the act of constantly and compulsively lying to a spouse,friend,or family member.Unnecessary dishonesty and deceit in an act to hide flaws or impress others. to put up a front.

-the drug oxycontin

-an ugly fish
1-man i cant believe i got oscar'd! he told me he would give me the world and all i got was a bunch of lies.

2-man lets get perked out on some oscar

3-DAMN! that oscar fish is FUGLY! time to return that shit to petsmart!
by wfink August 30, 2010
A squirrel fucker
Oh! Look at that Oscar feed that gray squirrel grapes!
by THE SQUIRREL LOVER October 14, 2010
sexy mexican who loves to have phone sex with his lady
oscar -- i wanna put my thick cock in you baby really hard
girl -- oohhhh baby
oscar -- imma f*ck you really hard until i cum everywhere

girl -- omg
--a few hours later--
girl -- ooohhhh baby
oscar -- oohh baby imma cum!
by ohlalax3 July 06, 2009
another word for a blowjob...according to E-Rock....because he hates the fact that the lord of the rings trilogy won 17 oscars...and he's not impressed by it.
Oscar? *scoff* ...that's just another word for a blowjob. *blowjob hand motion*
by fackyou December 04, 2007

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