Burrito spot on Freeport BLVD in Sacramento, CA
ME: Hey baby you wanna go to Oscar's for lunch

HER: OOooh Si papi, their California burritos are muy grande y fantastico!!

ME: Not as grande as my California burrito (HAHA)
by SL500 Sal-D February 26, 2009
street slang to describe an ounce of weed, otherwise known as an ozzie, ounce, oz etc.
buddy: "you dude i just got paid, lets pick up an oscar and get fucked up"

mullen: "like always man, like always"
by buddy sticksworth August 13, 2008
Oscar is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. He is good looking with a great personality. He hasnt had a gurl friend as hes waiting for the perfect girl to stay with forever. He is liked by everyone and has the best hair ever. If u ever meet an Oscar become his bff and dont ever let him go. He is amazing at everything he trys especially dance singing and acting. He hates to admit tho its true that most girls fancy him (especially me xox). You can always trust him and hes always there for u. Love you xox
Girl 1: Hey look theres Oscar
Girl 2: Hes soooo dreamy
Girl 1: I know any girl would be lucky to have him
Girl 2: But hes to good for all the girls
by xoxthatgirlxox October 28, 2013
Once upon a time, they were the awards to the very best of cinema. But today they love to keep the Oscars away from incredibly talented people like Leonardo DiCaprio, Edward Norton, Christopher Nolan or Naomi Watts and instead giving them to not so talented people like Roberto Begnini, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Hudson (she sings great but her acting ain't that good) and Cuba Gooding Jr.
Oscars injustices:
a) The Hurt Locker winning the Oscar for best movie and (500) Days of Summer being totally ignored.
b) The King's Speech winning over Black Swann.
c) Roberto Beginini in Life is Beautiful winning over Edward Norton in American History X.
d) Reese Witherspoon in Walk the Line winning over Felicity Huffman in Transamerica.
e) Ignoring Andew Garfield for his acting in The Social Network.
by Batmanfan1 January 05, 2012
Great Name, had by mant people
The Grouch, De LA Hoya, amongst many
by Oscar September 17, 2004
A sexy, adventurous, crazy adrenaline junkie! Loves to help others in all kinds of ways, wouldn't mind running into a burning building to save a life. Loves food! A self proclaimed "food enthusiast". Always up for whatever even if it's illegal. also has amazing DJ skills!!! And great fashion sense. You'll also never find a lover like Oscar.
Steve: "what did you do last night?"
Liz: "had an adventure with Oscar, it was GREAT!!"
Steve: "I hate that amazing guy" *under his breath* "I wish I could be like Oscar"
by Someawesomeperson January 07, 2013
A cute sexy guy with sexy abs and sense of style .Treats girls nice. He is sweet .Likes cute and hot girls. Loves Camila the girl he really likes.
Girls:oh my god he is such an Oscar

Oscar :Sorry girls im only interested in Camila.
by 6ykid October 04, 2011
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