hey oscar ur sexy today (like always)
by OSCAR June 01, 2004
An orgasm
"I want to give you an Oscar"
by Norwegian Sexy night time talk February 27, 2010
Usually a guy with an amazing smile and hair with words that can make you melt. Cool, sexy as hell, fun, smart, very persuasive and totally knows what he is doing but also highly dangerous and can be a player. Amazing guitar skills and personality. Usually a friend that you can trust and count on.
Girl 1: omg its Oscar. i love his hair.
Girl 2: oh dont get your hopes up he IS OSCAR after all. a total player. you have to do something slutty to get his attention.
by likeididyesterday January 28, 2011
An Event which alot of people wait for and it turns out to be the worst event
did you see the Oscars? well i turned off the t.v when i read the nomineez
by mulele simasiku February 24, 2008
The friend that seems incoherent and shady. That friend that may seem intimidating at first but grows to become inseparable. The best friend anyone could ask for and an incredible athlete. believes in others even when they dont believe in themselves. awkward and funny, usually gets all the hot girls, but with a Sam wingman its pretty much a given. This man can withstand and torment and still walk out with a smile on his face. walk through hell and go back to carry out his friends, the leader all teams and friends should have. a privilege to know and have in your life. when paired with a Sam be wary of endless laughter and endless soccer talks. they speak their own code so understanding them is useless. they enjoy every moment they have, like every friendship should. throw in a bacardi bottle and you have an unforgettable time... unless you black out.
Sam: "Bro theres 7 of them and 2 of us"
Oscar: "nigga chill we got this"
sam: "i cant fight..."
Oscar: " buddy i got you. "
by kk18 November 01, 2012
mexican baller who knos he da bomb!
"man im oscar"
by oscar September 27, 2003
A act of spontanious sex, usually in unsanitary conditions, the back of a building, 'sloppy seconds', a cheap whore. this was named after Oscar the Grouch.
Man 1: i could really go for some right now...
Man 2: why dont you pick up suzie, shes a bit oscar, but shes alright
by Nickington November 21, 2007

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