Oscar: 1. A naval term used to signify that a man has went over board and is now in the water.
2. A flag flown from the yardarn to signify that a man has went over board.
3.A drill on a US naval vesel to practice mustering times and to practice recovering an Oscar dummy from the sea by rescue personell.
4.A dummy made up of k-pac life vest to look like a person, used in man over board drills on a US naval vesel.
Sailor: Hear's a splash in the water and looks and see's Oscar in the water. "Dam now we are going to be locked down in the shop for the next hour."
1MC: "Man over board, Man over board"
by b--rad September 11, 2006
1. A man made fun of by a clown at a Mexican circus. Said in a deep voice, repeated countlessly throughout the clowns performance.

2. A completely irelevant and pointless reason to speak out in spanish class.

La familia roja que no se quiere sentar con... OSCAR!
by offdawall October 19, 2008
a piece of crap who thinks he is the shit even though no one likes him. he gets all the pity because no one likes him. His ego is so big that its hard for him to walk into a room. Because he made varsity to sit the bench the whole season, he thinks he's cool.
Omg i just wana punch that oscar kid in the face
guy 1: hey did u see that guy on varsity?
Guy 2: no man he is an oscar he acutely sucks

Guy 1: oh ok i take that back then
by fat griggs January 28, 2010
Blaine's big, fat, hard, black cock
I want you to slam Oscar into me me until we both cum.
by victoria+oscar=hot sex March 21, 2005
A grounchy "guy" that was once a woman named Janice, he is grouchy and is a gay comunist
i hate you im gonna hurt you karla!
MY name is oscar
by Samich Man February 05, 2009
A really bad penis. Most symptoms are erectile dysfunction, a rash that looks like leather, and the smell of moldy ravioli. The carrier usually lies and says he got it from a skank, but you are born with an Oscar. Oh there is also self castration that occurs, depending on how small the sack it.
"Do you smell Italian food my nigga?" 'What the fuck where at a Chinese resturant!' "Oh, my nigga next to me probably gots an Oscar, that foul. Yo man, your Oscar's being a grouch?"
by Jeremy Gamboa June 13, 2008
An oscar is a eyebrow that doesn't have a break in the middle, it's one, long, continuious eyebrow instead of two seperate ones.
I would have banged that chick, if she wasn't sporting such a brutal oscar.
by uncle surbie January 08, 2006

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