One of the sweetest loving men around. A guy any girl can count on to make her smile.A great kisser and incredible lover.
A girl is lucky to have an Oscar.
by luv217 February 03, 2010
1.A Russian asshole that loves to ruin your day after it has started out going well and thinks he is a fucking communist. He often needs to be reminded that WE ARE IN THE FUCKING UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

2.A way of murder which often consists of a frying pan,a large array of screwdrivers,three rakes,9 feet of rope,6 feet of barbwire,a bucket and a rusty butter knife.
1. Alex,stop being such an Oscar.

2. Alex should shut the fuck up or I will Oscar him.
by Yorkselim December 03, 2010
the cutest kitty ever!
Oscar is so cute! Yeah he is really cute.
by Jiegel March 30, 2008
Referring to an ounce of marijuana.
"Hey man, do you got an oscar for sale?"
by Krumpelstiltskin May 22, 2008
Oscar is a common term used for the drug OxyContin. This pill is the best pain med I have ever tried. If you haven't done it, DON'T! I am addicted to these and Lorcets and have been for the past 3 years. I have spent thousands of dollars on these drugs. Long term effects to the liver will be the death of someone who does it continually...
Have you seen Oscar lately?

I ran into Oscar,didn't you want to see him?
by D.S. in AL October 09, 2006
A male.
Often short.

At the same time sweet.

Looks like Super Mario.
Damn!! He looks like an Oscar!!
by iliana January 22, 2008
In the the country Colombia oscar is an insult meaning"Cuban Cocksucker" In the 1960's when all the gay cubans where sent to Colombia the people there started making slang insults for them like Oscar.
Yeah man, that guy is such an oscar.

Somebody shut that oscar up, or i'm going to kill him!
by Lucas Mormon Yubero III November 20, 2009
too cockblock in a pervy manner
"prick pins in his condoms"
"no, that would be an oscar thing to do"
by leonad March 28, 2009

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