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One of the sweetest loving men around. A guy any girl can count on to make her smile.A great kisser and incredible lover.
A girl is lucky to have an Oscar.
by luv217 February 03, 2010
To stealthily observe a group of friends from afar so as to impeccably time ones arrival as to avoid having to purchase a drink for anyone else.
You Oscar us every time? You always arrive when everyone has a full drink!
by JCoquillon December 12, 2011
A short hispanic, sexy guy with a charming smile. Likes to laugh alot and is very humorous. He loves his friends and has one personality that everyone likes. Shy at first but can make your day when needed. He won't let his friends fall because he will fall with them and help them get up. Is very athletic and loves soccer. A great lover and amazing friend. Knows how to kiss good and is a great sex partner. Although short, he can be big in romance.
Oscar is so attractive, I love him.
by Car wreck November 20, 2013
Something Leonardo Dicaprio doesn't have
Poor Leonardo didn't get his oscar
by The Relatively Un-noticed March 12, 2014
An Academy Award that Leonardo Dicaprio is never going to win.
- And the Oscar goes to!
- Not you Leonardo Dicarpio!
by alealesanchez March 02, 2014
Was:A televised award show whose winners ACTUALLY earned it!

Now:A televised award show whose winners either died or campaigned for it!
Oscar Then:James Dean

Oscar Now:Heath Ledger
by carinoh April 03, 2014
something that leonardo dicaprio doesn't have.
Ellen: The Nominees for best actor of the year is, Leonardo Dicaprio, Leonardo Dicaprio, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Leonardo Dicaprio.
Ellen: And the winner is... Tom Hanks!
Leonardo: dont cry
dont freaking cry
i'd have that oscar
by nooscarsad March 06, 2014
a cuban guy that lives in miami that has a big cock and bangs a lot of chicks
That guy is hung like a pringles can and is surrounded by hot chicks...that must be Oscar
by oscar February 06, 2004