One of the sweetest loving men around. A guy any girl can count on to make her smile.A great kisser and incredible lover.
A girl is lucky to have an Oscar.
by luv217 February 03, 2010
To stealthily observe a group of friends from afar so as to impeccably time ones arrival as to avoid having to purchase a drink for anyone else.
You Oscar us every time? You always arrive when everyone has a full drink!
by JCoquillon December 12, 2011
A danish guy with massive sex appeal.
Hey Oscar, you sexy mofo.
by MrNobodyWhosNobody November 17, 2011
Oscar is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. He is good looking with a great personality. He hasnt had a gurl friend as hes waiting for the perfect girl to stay with forever. He is liked by everyone and has the best hair ever. If u ever meet an Oscar become his bff and dont ever let him go. He is amazing at everything he trys especially dance singing and acting. He hates to admit tho its true that most girls fancy him (especially me xox). You can always trust him and hes always there for u. Love you xox
Girl 1: Hey look theres Oscar
Girl 2: Hes soooo dreamy
Girl 1: I know any girl would be lucky to have him
Girl 2: But hes to good for all the girls
by xoxthatgirlxox October 28, 2013
An Academy Award that Leonardo Dicaprio is never going to win.
- And the Oscar goes to!
- Not you Leonardo Dicarpio!
by alealesanchez March 02, 2014
something that leonardo dicaprio doesn't have.
Ellen: The Nominees for best actor of the year is, Leonardo Dicaprio, Leonardo Dicaprio, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Leonardo Dicaprio.
Ellen: And the winner is... Tom Hanks!
Leonardo: dont cry
dont freaking cry
i'd have that oscar
by nooscarsad March 06, 2014
Was:A televised award show whose winners ACTUALLY earned it!

Now:A televised award show whose winners either died or campaigned for it!
Oscar Then:James Dean

Oscar Now:Heath Ledger
by carinoh April 03, 2014
A Dominican who's actually an escaped Mexican in a track suit. He's a natural chick magnet and loves beanie.....babies.
Catch that Oscar!
by Justinishugepeepe March 04, 2015

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