One of the sweetest loving men around. A guy any girl can count on to make her smile.A great kisser and incredible lover.
A girl is lucky to have an Oscar.
by luv217 February 03, 2010
A charming guy, usualy with dark hair and eyes, who makes girls hearts melt and has a was of making girls feel ike the only girl in the world. But- He flirts with everyone and ooften has a girlfriend and cant ever seem to see the ones that really like him, he offends the girls that would give him a chance and gose for the girls that wouldn't. He is a charming, sexy, good looking, happy, fit, tall, guy who you can feel really close with but he has idiotic friends. He makes you want to kiss him every second of every day and acts like he dosnt know you wouldnt kiss him if you were alone. He is a bit of a player and dosnt know the meaning of many words (Normaly) Oscar is a gorg, guy. Who often likes sports like cycling and swimming, he is someone you dream about xxx
by DorsetGal November 06, 2012
A slang term for oxycontin, a controlled painkiller that is often abused for its opiate effects.
Let's order a movie on demand, do some oscars, and chill out.
by pia April 12, 2006
A handsome swede who doesn't know how much he is liked by an american girl. Has the most amazing smile and great fashion sense alot with a great sense of humor. Sings wonderfully in swedish and english alike, loves disney songs especially kiss the girl from the little mermaid. If only he was smart enough to realize how much he is liked, then it would make some very lucky girl happy and even happier if he liked that one girl back.
Sha-la-la my oh my look at the boy too shy, aint gonna kiss the girl, Oscar
by caitygremlinn February 04, 2010
the best guy you will EVER meet. He is the guy you will always wanna be with ( i know i do ) hey and p.s oscar

i love you and i always will

~ love cc
me:hey guys wanna see wat an awesome boyfriend oscar is to me??
friends; yush!
me : okays * shows a realy nice poem he wrote*
by scarlet cline(chloe) October 14, 2011
Faithfully to be with, very adorable , honest, and jet-pack in bed. Can be every girls best friend and possibly even more then just a friend. Roars like a lion when watering his seeds.
Oscar is one that roars like a lion when watering his seeds.
by feather76 July 30, 2012
Burrito spot on Freeport BLVD in Sacramento, CA
ME: Hey baby you wanna go to Oscar's for lunch

HER: OOooh Si papi, their California burritos are muy grande y fantastico!!

ME: Not as grande as my California burrito (HAHA)
by SL500 Sal-D February 26, 2009
A short hispanic, sexy guy with a charming smile. Likes to laugh alot and is very humorous. He loves his friends and has one personality that everyone likes. Shy at first but can make your day when needed. He won't let his friends fall because he will fall with them and help them get up. Is very athletic and loves soccer. A great lover and amazing friend. Knows how to kiss good and is a great sex partner. Although short, he can be big in romance.
Oscar is so attractive, I love him.
by Car wreck November 20, 2013

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