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One of the sweetest loving men around. A guy any girl can count on to make her smile.A great kisser and incredible lover.
A girl is lucky to have an Oscar.
by luv217 February 03, 2010
a piece of crap who thinks he is the shit even though no one likes him. he gets all the pity because no one likes him. His ego is so big that its hard for him to walk into a room. Because he made varsity to sit the bench the whole season, he thinks he's cool.
Omg i just wana punch that oscar kid in the face
guy 1: hey did u see that guy on varsity?
Guy 2: no man he is an oscar he acutely sucks

Guy 1: oh ok i take that back then
by fat griggs January 28, 2010
A grounchy "guy" that was once a woman named Janice, he is grouchy and is a gay comunist
i hate you im gonna hurt you karla!
MY name is oscar
by Samich Man February 05, 2009
A really bad penis. Most symptoms are erectile dysfunction, a rash that looks like leather, and the smell of moldy ravioli. The carrier usually lies and says he got it from a skank, but you are born with an Oscar. Oh there is also self castration that occurs, depending on how small the sack it.
"Do you smell Italian food my nigga?" 'What the fuck where at a Chinese resturant!' "Oh, my nigga next to me probably gots an Oscar, that foul. Yo man, your Oscar's being a grouch?"
by Jeremy Gamboa June 13, 2008
An oscar is a eyebrow that doesn't have a break in the middle, it's one, long, continuious eyebrow instead of two seperate ones.
I would have banged that chick, if she wasn't sporting such a brutal oscar.
by uncle surbie January 08, 2006
the darkest mexican that you will ever see. Loves it when you grab his titties. He's kinky.
Me: Oscar your black!!
Oscar: you know what just grab my tits!
by elmo April 03, 2005
The nickname of Carter. Made by SUPERMOM. To be a chicken aka Weiner aka and Oscar Meyer weiner.
He's such an Oscar.
Wow, he didn't even talk to me what and Oscar.
by OhYeah November 11, 2004
a name given to a person that is faking or overexaggerating their drunkeness.
1.Man, look at Steve. He has only had three beers. What an oscar.

2.Quit being an oscar, you just started drinking ten minutes ago.

3.THis guy was totally oscarring, he only had two beers.

4.Quit being an oscar, youre not drunk
I think you get the point.
by Andrew Smith April 03, 2005