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An amalgamation of meat products that is precariously blended together into a long, erect, cylindrically shaped product. Often marketed by prepubescent children who unwittingly sing about naming their "meat" and whose mascot is a gigantic weiner on wheels.
"my bologne has a first name"
by ricemond December 06, 2003
You can not lie if you say oscar mayer within the same sentence (its just not cool and frowned upon).A statement of absolute truth, abusers of this are damned to the 9th level of Hell.
When you want to tell the truth beyond a doubt, it means that you are 100% telling the truth.
1. Jack: Dude did Fallon give you head last night?

Sean: Oscar mayer she gave me head!

Jack: Chill.
by MattandKevbot34 July 26, 2010
an oscar mayer is a motha fuckin big ole black wiener that is on fire
Juvenile says:an oscar mayer is a motha fuckin big ole black wiener that is on fire.
by jarriXI November 17, 2004
A small little finger like dick

A small slender penis resembling a hotdog
If you have a small cock a girl may say you have an oscar mayer weiner
by hollysprings February 24, 2010
An over cooked dried up weiner, probably belonging to the first author with the initials f y
It is full of animal waste not fit for human consumption
by Good Taste September 24, 2003
A nickname for MY BIG FAT COCK.
Suck on this Oscar Mayer before I cut your bitch ass.
by Fuck You July 14, 2002
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