Boxer - 1992 Olympic gold Medalist. Professional World Champion in 5 different weight classes. Known for taking on anyone at anytime. One of the highest earning sportsmen in recent times. Earning 30 million for one fight (Hopkins). One of the highest draws in boxing. Only non-controversial loss was to the Great Middleweight Champ Bernard Hopkins. De la Hoya has had over 30 pro fights without a mark on his face. Very Handsome, especially by a boxer's standards.
"Kid, you keep knockin guys out, and one day you will make de la hoya money"
by Junj Master August 10, 2005
Top Definition
one of the greatest fighters ever

has won multiple championships in different weights

can kick your ass

is good with the ladies

known for taking ladies away from their boyfriends

he is scared of no one
"damn that bastard just pulled an oscar de la hoya on me!"
by tono June 24, 2005
1. one of the best boxers pound for pound
2. won the 2 fights vs. Mosley but got robbed.
3. won the fight vs. Trinidad but got robbed.
4. handsome, nice smile, and can sing too
oscar delahoya #1
by iWuVkObE8BrYaNT March 13, 2004
A chicano boxer from L.A. responsible for knocking out every cerote boxer on his way to becoming the greatest boxer of all time. The only loss on his record that is not contreversial is the one to the great hopkins which he lost because he was not fighting in his natural weight class. If hopkins lost weight so he could fight de la hoya in his weight class the fight would go very differently.
The guy who beat the shit out of trinidad, mayorga, macho camacho, and every other cerote is oscar de la hoya.
by aztec warrior sam July 16, 2006
To stop doing something rather suddenly.

To quit for no apparent reason.

(In reference to De La Hoya's quitting and faking a KO against Bernard Hopkins)
"I took Jane to dinner and was surprised when she pulled an Oscar De La Hoya and left. Our date was going so well."
by Chingey11 May 25, 2006
A raging homosexual boxer of the late 90s. His active involvement in the rainbow movement made him a fan favorite amongst all San Franciscans.
"My mistake, that is Oscar De La Hoya. I thought that was the ring card girl running around the ring."
by bigbadwilly September 27, 2005
When a homosexual gets too comfortable in a heterosexual relationship and dresses up in her clothes. Can include bending over while wearing fishnets...
Lupe came home to find her husband doing an Oscar De La Hoya with her favorite underwear and 11" black mamba...
by Sugar Shane laughing his ass off January 22, 2008
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