Floridian Definition:

The only major city in Florida that every Floridian visits, but to which no Floridian ever willfully moves.

This arises for a couple of reasons:

1)Orlando is the only major city in Florida without a beach.

2)Floridians already see enough tourists, so Orlando is like Hell on Earth.
"Sorry bro, your Orlando lakes don't compare to my Miami beaches."

"Let's just go to Orlando for the day. I can't stand the Mouse much longer than that."

by GuillermoSoFla September 26, 2005
Orlando is Hell on Earth. This place is a pile of shit. This place is also known as No Man's Land and Exile. This place is a wannabe LA.
The majority of people living in Orlando are twats. There are a few who are cool, and in most cases they are from up north.
by Bakalaka October 09, 2006
A hott guy who thinks he is the shit, and who thinks he can mess with anyone and everyone and treat 'em like crap . He is a loser. No female should mess with a guy named Orlando. He is a dirty player. A person only amused with himself. A jerk only after one thing ... ladies (sex)!
I want to kick Orlando in his face!
by jerra July 10, 2008
A once gleaming city of goodness, overrun by fucking stupid puerto ricans and stupid niggers from the north.
Those retarded ass Puerto Rican bitches that moved into Orlando, coupled with the fucking retards from the New York made Orlando a piece of shit haven for wannabee gangsters.
The name, not the city, is the name of the ultra-cool, Mexican-Italian-American family. It is the family that others only dream about marrying into. Being born into it is twice as awesome, but that is a birthright, not an option.
Gimme some Orlando magic.
Why can't I be an Orlando (sigh)?
by HoseB January 23, 2007

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