A quaint sailing village with a drinking problem, located in eastern North Carolina in Pamlico County on the Neuse River. Also known as O-Town, Oriental harbors more boats than people. Oriental is home to the O-Town Hustlas, and hosts such annual events as the Croaker Festival and the Tarpon Tournement. The prefered passtime in O-Town is getting fucked up.
Person 1: What do you want to do in Pamlico County tonight?
Person 2: Lets go get blitzed in O-Town

You know all about those Oriental Girls
by O-Town Hustlas August 24, 2005
My favourite Maggi noodles flavour is Oriental.
Guy: Did you hear? Oriental is Hannah's favourite noodle flavour.
by Hannah April 18, 2005
another politically incorrect word that is used by ignorant people to clump all asians in one group, much like how the word "hispanic" is used to clump all spanish/portuguese speakers in one group. to many it is a derogatory word, seeing that 1) there is no actual country, commonwealth, territory or state known as the "orient" and 2) that asians come from different ethnic backgrounds, religions, and speak different languages. ironically, many asians think that the term oriental is parrallel to word "nigger" and some see the word as old fashion. the terms "westerner" and "middle eastern" follow the same pattern as "oriental" but are less controversial.
if it were up to me, i would eliminate the terms oriental, hispanic, middle eastern, african american and etc., seeing that no matter what common region we hail from, we all have different ethnic backgrounds, religions and speak different languages.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e August 03, 2006
1. Anything Asian-related
Steph is oriental and needs to focus more at work.
by Rosey Berroya September 29, 2005
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