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originated with adam and eve fucked with some snakes. a lot of people fucking simultanuously
"Rob gibson, you gonna go to that orgie tonight with Paul and Mandy and Chelsea and Kari and Tammy and Carly and Susie?"
"fuck yes girls, girls only like guys with good skills...bow hunting skills, numb chuck skills, computer hacking skills...and good orgie skills"
by your name March 28, 2005
89 98
Sex party involving many partners
"There will be 3 girls and 7 guys at the orgy next week."
by "Fire" January 14, 2003
3987 1255
Leader of the Market Place Discussion, Commander of BooterDown, and true heir to the throne.
Quick, Abandon thread Orgy!
by MrMatty August 25, 2011
3293 1188
O-R-G-Y! What does that spell?
Go, teamwork, go! Have fun now!
by zitremedyishere March 28, 2005
3490 1976
A party where many people engage in sex at the same time.
My biology teacher suggested studying in groups after school, so I invited the class over for an orgy.
3182 1713
a shit ton of people (5 or more) getting together and fucking for the sake of fucking,increasing your chances of getting some pussy, cock, asshole, whatever your lookin for, see also threesome
Orgies kick some serious ass.
by D Unit February 04, 2004
2168 1451
A large group of people screwing together
I went to an orgy last night. I had soooo much sex.
by nick January 14, 2003
1539 842
When 3 or more people engage is sexual intercourse with each other.
I had an awesome orgy with 3 girls and 2 guys last night.
by Ficken Sie March 21, 2005
1243 827