The act of sex, involving more than 2 people; group sex.
Wow, can you believe Tim, Crystal, and Mark had an orgie together?
#group sex #sex #orgi #orge #org
by Megan!! November 29, 2005
Top Definition
sex wit 3 or more pple.
fuck fuck fuck a duck screw a kangaroo finger bang and orangotang orgie at the zoo.
by shivi February 29, 2004
an orgasim acheived with 3 or more people.
last night i had an orgie with jeff,kurt,and jhonny.
by Olivia July 18, 2004
A common misspelling of the word orgy.
Dude, their was an orgie last night...
#orgy #threesome #sex #orgasm #fun
by JamStation April 01, 2006
When someones dumb enough to say "orgy" wrong, and ends up pronouncing it like like orgie. So where the g is said like a "g" and not a "j"
Kevin: "Lets have an "orgie" guys"
Guys: "First off no that would be gay, second your an idoit it pronouned ogry!!"
#orgy #orgie #orgey #orjy #orangotang
by OMG SO SEXY February 26, 2009
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