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When a woman yells out orgasmic phrases that show she is having a horny time. Or when a man yells out horny phrases to show he is having an amazing sensation.
Woman : " Oh My Fucking God That Feels So Fucking Good! Don't STOP! HARDER! "

Man : " Oh Yeah Thats the spot! FASTER! HARDER! NEVER STOP! FUCK YEAH! This is so orgasmic"
by Fuck_Jeremy February 16, 2007
hebal essences... okay so i spelled it worng . deal with it.
oooooohhhhhhhh cucumbers and melon splash
by ~*Lianna*~ April 20, 2005
the state of absolute enjoyment concerning anything, especially porn and girls.
"It was simply orgasmic"
by Justin and Alec f4 s|-|0 December 05, 2003