1)Anything that makes you want to orgasm
2) A fake orgasm sound
1) Cheese
2) *moan*
by Bo-fricken April 05, 2003
A taste so great you see the face of god himself.
#1: How was that beer?

#2: It was orgasmic from first taste to last!
by Urby March 29, 2008
very pleasureable, bringing large amounts of joy, something that is worth repeating
Have you heard of the band Sodom?

Oh hell yeah man, they're orgasmic!
by Filthy7Metal February 27, 2008
something other than a "Derric" otherwise known as something that gives you urges for sexual intercourse.
"wow johnny, are sex was so <b>orgasmic</b>"
"the feeling of rust against my salad fingers is almost <b>orgasmic</b>"
by haroldononoeno October 31, 2007
pshhht french horn duh.
"chht that french horn is simply orgasmic."

by randy DUH. November 12, 2005
When you get pleasured, by yourself, or another person/object, it's like a orgasm, but a better feeling than one.
While having sex, or masterbaiting (etc) : " OHHHHh baby!! oOOh!!! ooooh!!!!! "

" Give it to me baby, uh huh uh huh. "

" That feels soooooo good!! "

" You just gave me a orgasmic! "
by Mystique Humphrey March 11, 2007
one person... Davey Havok
guys are orgasmic like whoa
by untitled March 21, 2005

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