A term used when referring to Escape the Fate.
1. Saying "Oh, yesterday I went to an Escape the Fate show" can most definitely be replaced by simply saying "Orgasmic."

2. April 10th, 2009 in Paris was Orgasmic.

3. Escape the Fate Airways is fucking Orgasmic.
by asianishxp June 09, 2009
Something so hot you have an orgasm
most commonly known as Bella and Sara.
Whoa its Bella and sara, they are SO orgasmic. I need to go jack off to a OBO.
by Milf mother fucker February 14, 2008
A word describing enjoyable things, products, or items
Dude did ya try that CHICKEN it was orgasmic
Look at the new BMW S class fuckin orgasmic
Wow did she just flash you orgasmic

Related to pantalicous
by Very bad man September 05, 2007
When something pleases you so much, it is 'orgasmic'.
To be used also when something pleasantly surprises you.
My, How Orgasmic!
Louise, you are so orgasmic!
by ClochetteHearts March 22, 2006
1. So cool it makes you orgasm.
2. To give great pleasure.
That film was orgasmic!
Playing video games is very orgasmic.
by Anon! gasp! April 23, 2005
a word for a very awesome occurance or somthing that happend(dude "i've got the weed", it smell orgasmic or that song is orgasmic) it may be somthing very sexy.
omg, that song is orgasmic
i heard my bro say it he says he didnt make it
by chiller_all_day April 09, 2009
something so amazing that u happen to say said word and proceding u shoot a huge load in ur pants.
emily: wow that was pretty incredible
shelby: yea that was omg...*cums* holy shit that was frickin orgasmic!!!
emily: i no!!!
by samuel adams February 02, 2005
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