To like something sooo much it feels like an orgasim.
Omg that pizza was orgasmic!

Wow your car is so orgasmic!
by drinkmachine777 May 27, 2009
something so exciting, yummy, or fun that its orgasmic.
These tacos are orgasmic!!
by Sarah Broach January 20, 2009
Adj, Orgasmic- When you feel something/ someone is/was really really really nice in bed and/or bush

Adv, Orgasmicly- To do something in a sexily way

Noun, Orgasmer- a person who makes a lot of weird sounds
MoM- How was the party last night chris?

Chris- it was so ORGASMIC!

MoM- Sounds nice Chris!


-there were a lot of Orgasmers at that party!


--That girl was orgasmicly walking down the stage!
by Screw I 4real February 27, 2011
when something is so good that its like having an orgasm
This chocolate cake is orgasmic.
by cmk89 May 13, 2008
adjective, exclamatory

Synonyms: amazing, fantastic

Word expressing delight at something
That gig was orgasmic!
by mrpotatohead June 02, 2005
something is as good as having an orgasm during sex.
Damn, those ribs were orgasmic!
by chelsea24/7 May 07, 2011
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