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To like something sooo much it feels like an orgasim.
Omg that pizza was orgasmic!

Wow your car is so orgasmic!
by drinkmachine777 May 27, 2009
7 4
something so exciting, yummy, or fun that its orgasmic.
These tacos are orgasmic!!
by Sarah Broach January 20, 2009
3 1
Adj, Orgasmic- When you feel something/ someone is/was really really really nice in bed and/or bush

Adv, Orgasmicly- To do something in a sexily way

Noun, Orgasmer- a person who makes a lot of weird sounds
MoM- How was the party last night chris?

Chris- it was so ORGASMIC!

MoM- Sounds nice Chris!


-there were a lot of Orgasmers at that party!


--That girl was orgasmicly walking down the stage!
by Screw I 4real February 27, 2011
1 0
when something is so good that its like having an orgasm
This chocolate cake is orgasmic.
by cmk89 May 13, 2008
4 3
adjective, exclamatory

Synonyms: amazing, fantastic

Word expressing delight at something
That gig was orgasmic!
by mrpotatohead June 02, 2005
8 7
something is as good as having an orgasm during sex.
Damn, those ribs were orgasmic!
by chelsea24/7 May 07, 2011
0 0
elephants are orgasmic
by orgasmicelephant November 22, 2010
2 2