Something that is so awesome and provides so much pleasure, it is similar to having an orgasm.
Man, that acid trip was orgasmic.
#orgasm #orgasmic #awesome #pleasure #drugs
by Adam Baine May 18, 2007
very pleasureable, bringing large amounts of joy, something that is worth repeating
Have you heard of the band Sodom?

Oh hell yeah man, they're orgasmic!
#good #orgasm #pleasure #metal #daniel
by Daniel Franco February 27, 2008
adj. Describes something exciting enough to arouse you into spilling your load.
Fuck man, the blow job scene in that movie was Orgamsic!

Dude, this band is Orgasmic

by It Puts The Lotion On Its Skin April 09, 2003
Causing an orgasm, feeling good like an orgasm, making you horny
'The feeling of a rusty spoon on my salad fingers is almost orgasmic'
#orgasm #make me hot #feeling good #being sexy #related to sexiness
by Phoebaget July 05, 2007
Adjective. 1. Something or Someone sho causes orgasms in any gender.
2. An action or practise that was sexually exciting.
3. Beautiful
MySpace Loser: Sometimes, I'd like to think that my millions of pictures on MySpace is orgasmic to some hot chick in Japan.
Hot Chick in Japan: The sex last night with that MySpace Loser was Orgasmic!
Museum Curator: Leonardo da Vinci's artwork was simply orgasmic!
#orgasm #sexy #kinky #porn #your mom
by Mister Miser March 20, 2008
something so awesome that it is orgasm worthy
that lightning storm was just orgasmic it was that crazy
#o #amazing #beast #speegle #rediculous
by speegle September 25, 2010
Something that brings your great joy.

Something that will leave memorys or you love with a great passion, and you want to do it.

Something you experience and enjoy. Something that you want to brag about

Any thing pleasing could be orgasmic

Orgasmic is a Verb!!
Stroking the rusty ketttle was orgasmic to my fingers

The man had a orgasmic hair cut
Tim Felt orgasmic aftery returning from disney world!

That apple was orgasmic

I enjoyed that orgasmic experience im going to do it agein and i will never froget it
by Andy March 16, 2005
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