Repetitive "Happy Moans" indicating you have reached the peak of pleasure.
Oh! Yes! That's it! Ah! I'm having an orgasm!
by Hearts046 March 10, 2008
the best thing to feel ever durring sex.

makes you cum, scream and moan in pleasure.
1. he made me orgasm all over last night, at least three times.

2. when she sings, she sounds like she is having an orgasm.

3. my pussy was so tight when John fucked me last night, and when he gave one last thrust, and pinched my clit i finally had an orgasm.
by slimjim69 May 02, 2009
The point where you think your going to explode in an climax of desire

Special kind of orgasm: Johnnygasm
orgasm suddenly caused by the thought of how *beep* sexy johnny depp is...especially when dressed up as captain jack sparrow from pirates of the carribbean...this kind of orgasm has its own category because he is just so goddamn hott that you need little or no touching to achieve climax...thank god for johnny depp...*smiles*
Watching pirates of the carribean: *Jack appears with wind in his hair lookin sexy on his boat* well f_ck me dead its Johnny De-ooh here he comes ahh baby yes YES YES YES!!!!!!
-Orgasms are good but Johnnygasms are f*ckin fantastic
by razzledazzle134 November 12, 2006
Eating something you crave for so long...
That chocolate cake gave me multiple Orgasms
by PsychosisRa November 10, 2010
What your girlfriend does when you do her. It goes like this:
"Oohh! ooohhhh!! oh! oh! oh! oh! ohhh SHIT ohhhhhh FUCK ohhh oh oh oh oh oooohhh!!! UH!!" orgasm.
by nubythechicken December 29, 2007
What you write by mistake when you actually meant to write the word "organism".
Person 1: Dude guess what? Today in bio, I was writing a test and I accidentally wrote "orgasm" instead of "organism", right when the teacher was about collect the tests.

Person 2: Wow, you have such a dirty mind!!
by Catlover2312 July 28, 2014
it just feels so good. its a definite unexplainable pleasure.
oh yes.
Tanang and kyle had sex and had the best orgasm possible.
by sexybitch:) April 29, 2009

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