The point of sex when the female says, "OK thats enough, you tried now get off me and go home.
Thanks for the orgasm
by night-owl August 21, 2009
it's when u start 2 feel like u have 2 pee then this amazing feeling comes over ur body and u start 2 curl ur toes. ur body will never feel better then if u r having an orgasm.
OOOOh! this feels amazing. i feel the orgasm coming!!! o baby o keep doing thhat o yea right there baby yea yea o yea oo fuck he baby!
by gummi bearz April 19, 2009
What your girlfriend does when you do her. It goes like this:
"Oohh! ooohhhh!! oh! oh! oh! oh! ohhh SHIT ohhhhhh FUCK ohhh oh oh oh oh oooohhh!!! UH!!" orgasm.
by nubythechicken December 29, 2007
the best thing to feel ever durring sex.

makes you cum, scream and moan in pleasure.
1. he made me orgasm all over last night, at least three times.

2. when she sings, she sounds like she is having an orgasm.

3. my pussy was so tight when John fucked me last night, and when he gave one last thrust, and pinched my clit i finally had an orgasm.
by slimjim69 May 02, 2009
it just feels so good. its a definite unexplainable pleasure.
oh yes.
Tanang and kyle had sex and had the best orgasm possible.
by sexybitch:) April 29, 2009
The thing that happen when you have sexy time and you make romance explosion on woman stomach.
I get orgasm while i make sexy time with Natalia.
by Borat Sagdieyv December 04, 2006
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