yeah baby, ooh, oh shi... I'm about to!!!!!!!
by bobrocks95 October 20, 2009
A pleasurable turmoil among Human Beings generally experienced near the culmination of the act of procreating , and/or lacivious activity involving sexual gratification.
It IS that gratification. Also called "Blowing your load", "Shooting the goo" or "Spilling your seed", for men and "The Tingle", "Getting your Ya-Ya's out", and "Religion without skepticism", for females.
Mr. Johnson had a great orgasm as he was blowing his load into Miss Anthrope who, experiencing a moment of religion without skepticism, you could hear her cry to the Heavens.
by "GEE" November 21, 2006
best feeling ever.
he sucked on my clit and i had
the best orgasm.
Sally and i got together with
our electric toothbrushes.
we put them on our clits until
we had orgasms.
by hgfhgfhgf July 01, 2006
the best fucking feeling in the whole world.
yeaa,whoo,YESSSSSS orgasm yes it finally came.yea baby harder,harder whoo that feels so good
by fuck with the names December 14, 2007
What you write by mistake when you actually meant to write the word "organism".
Person 1: Dude guess what? Today in bio, I was writing a test and I accidentally wrote "orgasm" instead of "organism", right when the teacher was about collect the tests.

Person 2: Wow, you have such a dirty mind!!
by Catlover2312 July 28, 2014
8 sneezes.
A sneeze is 1/8 of an orgasm. 8 sneezes equals an orgasm.

Billy: *moans* a-choo, a-choo, a-choo, a-choo, a-choo, a-choo, a-choo, a-choo *moans*
by WIKITIKI May 19, 2009
Repetitive "Happy Moans" indicating you have reached the peak of pleasure.
Oh! Yes! That's it! Ah! I'm having an orgasm!
by Hearts046 March 10, 2008
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