Orgasm is the peak of sexual pleasure, the climax.
"Oh my - fucking! Wow. Ooooooooh yeah. Harder. Uh! Ooooooh keep going, don't stop!" Orgasms usally result in the woman using a lot of imperatives =]
by Cranberry pie January 16, 2007
1.the highlight of sex
2.when a women feels incredible sensation during sex she may moan or scream but that just means yur doin good.
jane was on a date with jaylen and thay went back to her apartment they were having sex humping fucking he was pumping his penis in her vagina when all the sudden she started moaning and grabbing her pussy at last she had an orgasm and started to masturbate
by malyhavesex June 05, 2007
the great feeling you get while having sex...the orgasm is reached at ones climax during a sex act, whether it be masturbation, intercourse, or any other sex act
When Jill licked the tip of my cock, I reached orgasm, and blew my load in her face.
by Choo-ahn September 17, 2006
The Climax of sex.
Josh tangled his fingers in Amys hair. They began kissing. He slid his hand down her back. He undid her bra. He stopped kissing her and slid his tounge right down hes chest, and between her boobs. He decided to take it a little farther. He took off his pants, tore off his shirt, and slid off her panties. Amy bent down, grabbing at his dick. She slowly licked the tip. "oohhh..." Josh said. He felt an orgasm comming on. Amy looked into his eyes and knew it too. She shoved his dick down her throat. And that was enough. Cum whent everywhere. She licked every last drop of it. Josh took the lead. He took his penis, and shoved it in her vigina. "Oh... More... MORE! Josh I love you baby. Keep it up" she screamed. Josh whent quicker. Harder. Faster. This was it. Amy screamed! She was loving it. Her toes curled. And Josh's parents opened the door...
by M-Aron April 03, 2011
best part of sex =D
lasts longer, the more longer you havent had sex.
"i thrusted my cock in her pussy and it rubbed on her clit abd she had an orgasm"
by PEE WEE YEYAH!! July 26, 2004
An Orgasm, like a Heart Attack, is an intense series of involuntary muscle contractions commonly followed by a long, deep sleep.
She got on top and started grinding, then all of a sudden she started to scream. I couldn't tell if she was having a heart attack or an orgasm.
by YouPorn Jude January 13, 2012
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