The meaning of life.
Johnny's life was finally complete when he had his first orgasm.
by acne March 25, 2008
1.the highlight of sex
2.when a women feels incredible sensation during sex she may moan or scream but that just means yur doin good.
jane was on a date with jaylen and thay went back to her apartment they were having sex humping fucking he was pumping his penis in her vagina when all the sudden she started moaning and grabbing her pussy at last she had an orgasm and started to masturbate
by malyhavesex June 05, 2007
the great feeling you get while having sex...the orgasm is reached at ones climax during a sex act, whether it be masturbation, intercourse, or any other sex act
When Jill licked the tip of my cock, I reached orgasm, and blew my load in her face.
by Choo-ahn September 17, 2006
yeah baby, ooh, oh shi... I'm about to!!!!!!!
by bobrocks95 October 20, 2009
best part of sex =D
lasts longer, the more longer you havent had sex.
"i thrusted my cock in her pussy and it rubbed on her clit abd she had an orgasm"
by PEE WEE YEYAH!! July 26, 2004
A pleasurable turmoil among Human Beings generally experienced near the culmination of the act of procreating , and/or lacivious activity involving sexual gratification.
It IS that gratification. Also called "Blowing your load", "Shooting the goo" or "Spilling your seed", for men and "The Tingle", "Getting your Ya-Ya's out", and "Religion without skepticism", for females.
Mr. Johnson had a great orgasm as he was blowing his load into Miss Anthrope who, experiencing a moment of religion without skepticism, you could hear her cry to the Heavens.
by "GEE" November 21, 2006
That awesome feeling between sex and having to go pee.
Good sex leads to a good orgasm which makes you wanna go pee.
by Milanifan January 19, 2011

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