for a woman:
the climax of sex
usually stimulated by: sex, oral or vaginal, or rubbing the clitoris..

it's sort of a
tickling pinching sensation and then shaking and slight tingling in ones body that flutters from inside out to your fingertips and toes and you feel totally relaxed and in those few moments you think of nothing, you only breathe.
i had an orgasm last night! it was great!
by sdflksjdflksjdlfkjsjflsj January 02, 2008
An indescribable feeling, but an amazing one. It usually causes one to move their bodies quickly because the feeling is so intense. May also cause squeezing hands or moaning. They can take awhile but are more than worth the wait.
That sex was the best, especially after having an orgasm a few times.
by Sunshine92 February 04, 2009
peak of sexual stimulation/excitement. can be achieved through mastorbation or sexual intercourse.
oh yeah!!!!! ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! dont stop that feels good!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! GOD!!!!!!!
by . February 17, 2004
A sign that indicates its time to stop having sex. Without this valuable indicator, one would have sex until they spontaneously combusted.
Be a gentlemen, give your girl an orgasm.
by mhodge87 April 17, 2009
an exitement you get when you are fucking, men release cum and women moan and scream.
Sarah went to Jake's (her boyfriend) house. He wore nothing but blue boxers. She asked him if she could see his room, and they went up. When they were there, she lured him to the bed. They kissed and touched, then she gave him a really good blow job. He ripped all her clothes off and threw them at the floor. Then, he rolled her over until she was on her back on the bed, and he put his penis in her vagina. She started moaning and screaming "faster, harder, uhhhh uhhhhh fuck ya fuck me harder!!!!" Then, her orgasm started his and hhe felt his erection swell up and he squirted cum into her over and over again. Then it happened again.
by sexluvr April 08, 2009
when your whole body tingles and explodes as your toes start to become numb and you gasp for breath
i was home one night alone and i was so unbeleivably horny. i sat on my bed, running my hands all over my body, throwing my head back as i pushed my fingers inside myself. The slow motion soon turned into a fast one and i moaned louder and louder as i felt pleasure run through my body. At that moment, my fingers found my g-spot and i screamed as my vagina pulsed around my fingers, now wet as ever.
The next morning my boyfriend came home and i was still horny from the night before. I got him up against the wall and kissed his neck, kissing lower and lower down his body, i undone his trousers and kissed his cock gently. I put the tip of his cock in my mouth and sucked slowly, getting it nice and wet. i put his cock further down my throat and began to move my head back and forth faster and faster, rubbing his balls as i did this. I moaned and looked up at him, it made me so horny to see him so pleasured. i then ran my hands along his hard abs. I gagged just enough that my throat could close up on his cock just the slightest to give him maximum pleasure and he exploded in orgasm. i then smiled as i swallowed every last drop, licking his cock to make sure id got it all.
by kaitem December 29, 2009
The meaning of life.
Johnny's life was finally complete when he had his first orgasm.
by acne March 25, 2008
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