the best 4 seconds of a man's life.
"Sex is not that important; it's the afterward part when you're naked and it's warm. Watching the sun come up through the windshield you look in her good eye and you help strap on her leg and you know: you fucked a pirate."
-Dave Attell, on orgasms.
by J BOY May 22, 2006
1. n. A mixed drink. Numerous recipes exist for an orgasm and its variants. Nearly all recipes involve mixing Bailey's Irish Cream with some other liqueur. Recipes also vary names: multiple orgasm, screaming orgasm, screaming multiple orgasm, mutual orgasm, chocolate orgasm, tropical orgasm, bleeding orgasm, orgasmic fantasy, black orgasm, dirty orgasm, kinky orgasm, more orgasms, screaming white orgasm, and of course the screaming multiple orgasm on the beach. Here's my favorite recipe:

Screaming Orgasm:

1 shot Bailey's Irish Cream
1 shot Malibu coconut rum

Pour liqueurs into cocktail shaker. Stir with cube ice. Strain liqueurs into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a marchino cherry. Can be additionally garnished with a condom if you're sufficiently tacky and disgusting.

All orgasm recipes are very tasty!
Hey barkeep. I need a orgasm over here!
by Dan Weyandt November 11, 2008
when a girl arches her back and screams for god to make this moment last forever then relaxes with a feeling of satisfaction
As soon as he saw jane he knew he had to be inside her. they were in his car getting some heavy kissing done when she stuck her hand down his pants as soon as she did she could feel his already hard cock pulsate against her. they were both naked and she was in control. her tongue flicked against the end of his dick. she took him whole and chocked a little when he finally exploded down her throat. she moaned. you taste soo good baby mmmmm i want moreee.
he reached down and started gently rubbing her clit around and around she gasped and begged him to penetrate her.
I need you baby in me! come on! ahhhh fuck me! FUCK ME!
he gladly obliged and started slipping the head of his cock in and out. Harder! Faster!
as his balls slapped against her as he thrusted deep in her they both came again and again. orgasms are awesome.
by I.Rock. October 19, 2007
The climactic point of sexual intercourse or masturbation....
wow noah is really good in bed...he gave my multiple eyes rolled back in my head and my leg muscles tightened up....NOAH NOAH YES YES OH MY FUCKING GOD YES HARDER MORE MORE
by bob March 29, 2004
N. What happens as a result of women using herbal essences.
That girl just had an orgasm.
by Mike April 27, 2004
the hight of sexual arousion
the best thing you'll ever feel
oh oh OH YEAH baby yes, oh yea baby keep going oh ohmygod this is the best orgasm ive eva had oh oh yea dont stop, YES YES YES
by Anonymous October 24, 2003
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