a contraction of the genitals, usually followed by the male ejaculating. Women's orgasms last longer then mens.

also called: CLIMAX
when i was fucking some guy, i felt like i had an explosion in my body, it felt ggreat!!!
by mAURIA June 01, 2005
The point when sexual intercoarse hits climax; For women- An extremely pleasurable explosion in the lower third of the vagina and upper legs. For men a good feeling in the penis.
The female orgasm feels 5 times better than the male orgasm and is 3 times longer! This is why women make so much noise during sex and why you can tell when they are having an orgasm.
by jakememate February 28, 2011
The peak of female sexual pleasure.
Sometimes if I'm having really great sex, I have 50 or 60 orgasms at a time.

It's easy orgasm if he has "big hands", if you know what I mean.

One time, I fucked 3 sexy guys at once. You can't even imagine my orgasm count! It was up to 78. Thousand.
by Hesalbin February 19, 2005
A reaaaallly good feeling in your *****
ooo that is one GOOD feeling baby keep going!
by N.O.Y.B May 31, 2004
its all a good feeling until u get to the orgasm...then its like god...! what the hell am i doing? i should be shaving my legs right about now...not on my back doing this!! ahh
by concerned individual August 08, 2003
The thing that girl have when they reach climax. ( By the way, this is getting boring, so this will be the last definition for ever, they are true!!)
Chelsea couldn't find another guy, so she got Pat Hurt done, in the meantime with him, she had her orgasm.

Also, when Cheslea masterbates, she has many orgasms.
by Unknown September 26, 2004
Sex Noises made during sexual recreation.
oooooooh yeh i think i am about to orgasm
by Humble Spattula January 23, 2007

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