the peak of sex or masturbation. For males, semen spurts out of the penis by extremely pleasurable (pleasure varies) contractions in the penis. For woman, it is the same thing except its obviously occuring in the vagina, and no fluid is released.
so...last night...
Will you give me a blow job so I can have an orgasm in your mouth please?
Orgasms are fun
Dudes! Last night rocked! We had 15 orgasms altogether in less that 20 minutes!
by Little green hobo. March 28, 2008
fluids you get when horny
India story of orgasms

Drona implies that he was not gestated in a womb, but outside the human body in a droon (vessel). His dad got orgasms after watching a hot chick and he collected the fluid in a drona, meaning vessel.
by Daxata April 20, 2011
What in the hell are you doing looking up the word orgasm?
Why would you look up orgasm? Get off this page now or I'll probably maybe possible think about destroying your computer.
by Big Bush Nuka Tush July 15, 2010
An amount larger than a shit load.
"That girl has an orgasm of shoes"

"I have an orgasm of homework to do"

"Eugh no he has an orgasm of STDs!"
by orgasm.inventor May 06, 2010
Like a sneeze, but better.
"I was lying in bed last night and in the middle of a dream about the little mermaid I experienced this indescribably amazing feeling."

"Was it like a sneeze, but better?"

"It wasn't an orgasm you twit, you know I like anime over Disney."

*Also see Friends.
by Right on the Left April 19, 2010
in act of jerking off after awile you will recieve a orgasm
after about 10 minutes of jerking off i got a orgasm and boy was it a good one
by cooock November 12, 2007
When you come to apoint while having sex when you get the most amazing feelin (you will know when you get one). It doesnt't always happen, especially in my case.
I had to fake an orgasm last night because my boyfriend got pretty fed up of trying.
ooooh my god, baby im coming, DONT STOP!!
by some_one_special May 29, 2007

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