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1. Climbing to the top of the mountain when two individuals are fucking each others brains out
2. The act of reaching the peak of the greatest feeling in the world making it even better
3. The feeling easily found by men and faked by women.
1. Climb HARDER TOM, I think i just had an orgasm
2. WOOOOOOOOOOOO YA ORGASM YA BEST FEELING EVER to bad it was with my hand.....
3. Guy 1: Dude I had an orgasm but it was quick

Guy 2: Well did she have one?

Guy 1: She continued to scream 10 minutes after i stopped i think she was faking FUCK.
"Its like a sneeze, only 10 times better"- J. Peters

An orgasm is when ejaculation occurs during sex or masturbation.
I had an orgasm while having sex with a very hot model.
by Yankeebob April 05, 2010
The absolute best thing in the world for anyone. ever.
"ooh, ugh, oh yeah, ah, oh God I'm almost there! that's it, RIGHT THERE, AGH, AH...AHHHHHHH! Ohh, God, that was a great orgasm.."
by meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea August 11, 2009
When a man or woman reaches a climax during intercourse
When the man is about to cum he orgam and he starts fucking her/him harder and usualy he moans loudly.Orgasm
by Jaduh April 10, 2007
when 3 or more gummy candies are stuck together when you take them out of the bag
"Dude, give me that orgasm of Sour Patch Kids!"
by childern August 05, 2009
A mythical force known only to men. not to be mistaken for the "fake" ohhhhhhhh that females portray.

"in layman's terms even if you have a 14" crooked penis, a man will never succeed in his journey to give a female this false idea of sexual pleasure."

1. Shut up woman, I know that orgasm isn't real. I got mine and i want to go to sleep!!!!!
by the omniscient 1 September 19, 2008
1. something one can learn to do to ones self
2. something a man can do to a woman with his tongue and fingers, with proper training of course.
3. the grandest technique to keep a woman in your power
i have a small penis but i know how to get her off better than any man with any penis, and for my skills, i never have trouble getting a date
by Poomar May 03, 2004